2017-2018 Labour Market Plan: Help Wanted

Help Wanted – Building the Talent Pool explores the hiring needs of employers and whom we can train to fill the jobs. Brantford area employers continue to see a smaller labour pool to hire from, as the gap between skill levels and job requirements increases, and the average age rises. There are also under-represented groups of talent looking for opportunities.

Ensuring students and job seekers have the work ethic, literacy and numeracy skills for success is critical. The actions outlined in this report address those needs. Five areas of focus frame workforce strategies designed to inform, educate and prepare workers for today’s workplace.

  • Becoming Work Place Ready
  • Building Human Capacity
  • Understanding the Job Market
  • Journey to Apprenticeship
  • Growing Jobs in Small Business

Human resources are the most valuable asset of any business. Building the talent of students, youth, and job seekers is the solution for continued growth and prosperity.

Help Wanted: Labour Market Plan 2017-2018