2017 EmployerOne Findings

The 4th annual EmployerOne survey was the most successful yet, with 364 employers in the Grand Erie are participating.

The strong participation from local employers has given our community valuable insights into the area’s labour market – insights we can’t get anywhere else.

On the positive side, employers are investing their human and financial resources to grow their businesses. A majority hired in 2016 and planned to hire in 2017, largely fuelled by expansion. A majority of firms also invest in training for their staff.

On a less positive note, employers continue to face challenges filling job openings, with the No. 1 reason being not attracting enough applicants. Local employers are also reporting a high number of quits, which make up more than half of all separations.

Here are some highlights from 2017’s EmployerOne survey:

  • 364 Grand Erie employers participated in the survey;
  • 77% of those employers hired in 2016;
  • 64% of those said they planned to hire in 2017;
  • 39% of employers who participated had a hard-to-fill job, with the No. 1 cited reason being “not enough applicants”;
  • 56% of employers experienced a separation in 2016, with 52% of all separations involving staff quitting;
  • Word of mouth remains the No. 1 method used by employers to recruit staff, but Social Media has moved up to be No. 3;
  • Employers continue to look for a mix of soft skills and technical skills when they hire.
  • 3 out of 4 employers support ongoing training and education for their staff.

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The EmployerOne survey, which takes place each January, tracks trends related to recruitment, staff turnover, skills shortages, succession planning and other HR issues.

To learn more about EmployerOne, contact us at 519-756-1116.

2017 EmployerOne Survey Overview