2017 Spotlight on Manufacturing

Manufacturing remains the largest employer in the Grand Erie region and many companies are continuing to expand.

Sixty-six manufacturers participated in the 2017 EmployerOne survey.

Nine in 10 firms planned to hire in 2017, while 4 of 5 hired in 2016.

Here’s some other findings:

  • 92% of employees working at firms were permanent full-time;
  • 60% of employees are between 25 and 55 in age, the core-age working group;
  • 60 companies reported hiring 1,384 people in 2016, while 47 firms had 885 separations;
  • 63% of all separations were quits, followed by 24% due to dismissals and 8% due to layoffs;
  • 1 in 2 firms reported they had a hard-to-fill job, with the No. 1 reason being that applicants lacked motivation, good attitude or people skills;
  • Online job boards and postings is the No. 1 method used by manufacturers to recruit new staff, followed by word of mouth.

To view or download the 2-page report on Manufacturing, click on the photo.

The EmployerOne survey, conducted for the last 4 years, tracks trends related to recruitment, staff turnover, skills shortages, succession planning and other HR issues.

364 employers in Brantford, Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Six Nations and New Credit completed the survey.

To learn more about EmployerOne, contact us at 519-756-1116.

2017 EmployerOne Spotlight on Manufacturing