Build Our Community

Ideas and resources to build our community

The Workforce Planning Board is committed to helping build prosperous communities across the Grand Erie region.

In keeping with our mandate, we identify employment trends, target workforce opportunities, and implement strategies in collaboration with community partners to develop our local workforce.

The reports below outline initiatives, projects and partnerships to build Grand Erie.

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Serious Gaming Can Help Build Soft Skills

Soft skills, also known as transferable, inter-personal, and personal skills are critical to an individual’s connection to the labour force and to an employer’s productivity and success.

Employers participating in EmployerOne during 2014, 2015 and 2016 identified soft skills as their top requirement across all sectors. In addition, 47% of participating employers reported hard-to-fill jobs noting a declining availability of qualified workers.

This study looks at current practices used by employment service agencies and employers to assess a job seeker’s soft skills. The study then explores the possible benefits of using serious gaming – so-called educational gaming – to both assess someone’s soft skills and, further, develop those skills.

This is the first phase of what is envisioned as a multi-step process.

2015 Grand Erie Adult Learning Research Study

Want to know about Adult Education in Grand Erie?

A new report from the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie provides extensive information on our region’s continuing education and people who use Employment Ontario services designed to help them.

“The 2015 report examines the needs of current and potential adult learners in the communities of Grand Erie, comparing them to the needs of local employers and the education and learning opportunities in the community. Analysis in this report focuses on four primary sources…

This report analyses the Grand Erie learning environment, identifies characteristics of adult learners, reviews learner preferences and motivations, and speaks to the local challenges in our community.”

Is there more we can do to better serve those learning as adults?

Let us know what you think.

Youth Services Referral Guide

This is a handy guide to find what services exist in Grand Erie to help young adults.

Photo of cover of Youth Services Referral Guide

The guide includes listings related to these services offered in Grand Erie (Brantford, Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Six Nations and New Credit):

Employment Services
Employment Funding Programs
Training & Education
Business & Entrepreneurship
Social Support
In most cases, services, programs and supports are for youths aged 15 to 29, but there are some exceptions.

2014 Labour Market Consultations

Want to know the profile of Grand Erie’s unemployed?

A new report from the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie provides extensive information on our region’s unemployed and people who use Employment Ontario services designed to help them.

The report covers:

  • Employment trends and figures
  • A profile of Grand Erie’s unemployed
  • Number of clients using Employment Ontario services
  • Number of clients who find work or enter training/education programs
  • Education levels of the unemployed
  • Duration of unemployment
  • Use of Second Career, Apprentice and Literacy programs
  • Top-10 jobs being filled by unemployed clients.

The report raises many questions for our community — and the agencies that serve them.

Is there more we can do to better serve the unemployed?

Let us know what you think.

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Strategy

Vibrant, dynamic communities require fresh and innovative talent — that’s why Grand Erie needs to retain its youth and help them move forward in today’s economy.

That’s one of the conclusions of the Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Strategy released by the Workforce Planning Board

Over the last year, the Workforce Planning Board looked at how young people, aged 15 to 30, are faring in Grand Erie’s economy.rd of Grand Erie.

The strategy was developed after statistics showed a large number of young people – more than 2,000 between the ages of 18 to 24 — have moved out of Haldimand and Norfolk. Brant has fared better, with young people moving into the area.

Think SAFETY! Presentation by Roxanne Bond, November 2012

Description: A presentation about Health & Safety law designed for staff at Employment Ontario, Ontario Works, Literacy and other agencies so they can help their clients be prepared for Health & Safety requirements.

Think SAFETY! Presentation by Roxanne Bond, November 2012

Description: This Industry & Employment Analysis report provides statistics and insights on industries and employees in South Central Ontario Region.

Community Intermediaries in Conversation — WPBGE Report

Description: A report on community conversations conducted by the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie to inform its Local Labour Plan for 2012-13.

Electronic Youth: Creating the Current

Description: A report about how youth job search and look for labour market information using electronic tools, such as smartphones, the Internet, social media.

Benchmarking Community Attractiveness to Newcomers

Description: A two-page update on developing a “tool” to help smaller communities assess their capacity to attract newcomers to drive innovation. 2012

Achieving Our Potential: Strategies to Raise Educational Attainment in Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk

Description: A Strategic Plan outlining actions to address educational attainment issues.

2011 Local Labour
Market Plan:

Description: An annual report for 2011 outlining that state of the local labour market in Grand Erie.

Shift Work: A Skills Assessment Workbook for Manufacturing Workers in Transition

Description: A job search tool to help manufacturing workers transition to stable or promising occupations.

ISTEP: Immigrant Settlement,
Transition, Employment
and Partnerships

Description: A report exploring the need to help newcomers transition to the workforce.

Exploring Newcomer Settlement
and Integration Supports

Description: A report listing community supports and resources for newcomers.

The Future of the Green Economy: Grand Erie, Hamilton and Niagara.

Description: A report defining the Green Economy; explores promising industries and occupations.

Putting Women In
The Picture

Description: A project to promote the status of women in Grand Erie workplaces.

Job Developer Network
Status Report

Description: A project set up a network of job developers in Grand Erie.