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Tourism in Grand Erie: Facts for Employers

Employers in the tourism industry, like all employers, are wondering what is happening in their industry around the workforce. This infographic presents a snapshot of the industry and what is going on around recruiting, skills, developing leaders and workforce challenges. For a complete look at the tourism workforce and what employers are saying, you can read Tourism Sector in the Grand Erie Region


Making Dollars & Sense of It

It can be bewildering for employers to determine if there are financial and other supports to hire, train and retain staff.

Employers might hear about tax credits, grants, hiring incentives and training dollars, but finding out more information can be a challenge.

The publication Dollars & Sense For Employers is meant to change that. It brings together in one place – in one publication – the information business owners, managers and human resource professionals need.

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Employers can learn about the employment services available to help them here in Grand Erie: Brantford, Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Six Nations and New Credit. The publication lists the contact information for each local service, making it easy for businesses to contact them.

Employers can also learn about special programs such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, designed to help companies train staff on new equipment and technology, as well as tax credits and financial supports offered by the Ontario and Canadian governments.

Dollars & Sense also contains a wealth of information on hiring apprentices and the various tax credits available to businesses when they do. There’s also details about the financial help available to apprentices.

The booklet contains links to government websites that have more detailed information on the various programs, tax credits and incentives.

Since Dollars & Sense is an online publication, it will be possible to keep the information up to date.

Photo of cover of Dollars & Sense for Employers
Millennials @ Work – A Youth Employment Focus
If you are looking to target young adults for your business these tools will help you get started.

Youth Profile

Youth Profile Infographic

An infographic about young adults in Grand Erie.

Millennials @ Work

Youth Work Infographic

An infographic about young adults in the workplace.

Social Media & Millennials

Social Media Strategy Cover

A presentation about why social media matters for targeting young adults and how to create a social media strategy. Lots of “how-to” tools and tips inside.

 Manufacturing Leadership Council Being Established

Manufacturers are invited to get involved in ensuring they have the workforce they need to be successful today – and tomorrow.

The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, in partnership with Excellence in Manufacturing, would like to invite you to join us to discuss the feasibility of creating a Manufacturing Leadership Council.

We have heard from many manufacturers that they are struggling to find workers with the skill level, education, and work attitude required in today’s manufacturing environment. The Manufacturing Leadership Council will shape future workforce development and education/training strategies for our community resulting in a stronger, more talented workforce.

Learn more about the Manufacturing Leadership Council by clicking on the photo of the attached document.

Manufacturing Council document
Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow

Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow is the central theme for the Workforce Planning Board’s 2014 Local Labour Market Plan.

The plan provides a honest look at what is happening to the area’s economy, industry trends, and labour market challenges.

Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow notes that employers have a need for high-skilled occupations and asks the question: “Are we meeting the labour demand needs of industry by building the skills of our workforce?”

The answer is: “There is a great deal of work to be done.”

The labour market plan outlines a series of recommended actions that can be taken to ensure our workforce meets the demands of employers. This is essential for Grand Erie’s residents, employers and our communities.

2014 Labour Market Plan
Grand Erie’s Food Manufacturing Industry

Food Manufacturing in Grand Erie: Growing Jobs and Opportunities

Food Manufacturing report

Description: A study on the Food Manufacturing sector in Grand Erie, which is a $1 billion a year industry and provides more than 3,000 jobs.

Food Manufacturing Research for Grand Erie

Food Manufacturing analysis

Description: An analysis of the size, employment and economic importance of Food Manufacturing in Grand Erie.

Grand Erie Food Manufacturing Wage & Benefit Survey

Food Manufacturing Wage survey

Description: A survey showing the wages & benefits provided by 10 Grand Erie Food Manufacturers, 2012-13.

Customer Service Handbook published

We all know how important helpful, friendly customer service is in keeping our customers happy.

The Workforce Planning Board has published a concise, 12-page handbook to help businesses and their staff carry out strategies to provide excellent customer service.

The easy-to-use handbook features photographs and quotes from businesses in Brantford, Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk and Six Nations.

The handbook has been produced by the WPBGE in partnership with the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation.

Copies are free. Either download from our website or let us know if you want a hard copy.

customer service handbook
Hire the Best

We’ve published a “Human Resource Tool Kit” for automotive repair and maintenance businesses to help them Hire the Best employees.

This step-by-step guide will help businesses of all sizes in the automotive repair and maintenance sector recruit and then keep the best possible talent.

Hire the Best is a free resource.

Click on the report at right to download a copy.

Or contact our office to get a hard copy.

Hire the Best a Human Resource Tool Kit
Healthy Work-Life Balance: Why it Matters to Employers

There’s clear evidence that having a healthy workforce and workplace saves companies money.

Healthy workplaces enjoy higher staff morale and productivity, while these businesses also see lower costs related to health claims, sick days and other problems.

This guide outlines the impact on employers from issues such as workplace stress, conflict, obesity, smoking, and lack of physical activity among staff.

The guide suggests strategies businesses can use to build a healthy workplace.

There’s also a list of local organizations that offer information, resources and services around healthy workplaces — many of the services are free.

Click on the guide to download

Healthy Work-Life Balance Guide for Employers
What’s happening on our farms?

New studies from the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie and the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board offer a detailed look at issues facing farmers in six counties.

Click on each of the reports below to learn more about farming issues and opportunities in Brant, Norfolk, Oxford, Elgin, Middlesex and Haldimand counties.


Brant County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study



Elgin County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study


Norfolk County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study



Middlesex County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study


Oxford County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study



Haldimand County - Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study

Investing in Training: A Guide to Engage Employees in Career Development

Investing in Training report

Description: A guide to help employers encourage that staff to pursue career/professional development


Investing in Training Poster 8.5 X 11 Downloadable

Investing in Training poster 8.5 x 11

Description: Downloadable poster for employers to encourage staff to pursue professional development.Can insert own contact information and print.


Investing in Training Poster 11 X 17 Downloadable

Investing in Training poster 11 X 17

 Description: Downloadable poster for employers to encourage staff to pursue professional development.Can insert own contact information and print.

Manufacturing: A Grand Erie Perspective

Manufacturing report

Description: Grand Erie’s manufacturing sector is in transition but it remains a major economic force and employer.

The ‘How To’ Guide #1: Hiring, Training and Maintaining Your Employees

How to Guide: Hiring, Training and maintaining your employees

Description: A 2-page fact sheet to help employers in the food services industry hire and retain employees.


The ‘How To’ Guide #2: Choosing a Career in the Hospitality Industry

How to Guide: Choosing a career in hospitality industry

Description: A 2-page fact sheet to help employees to advance their careers in the food services industry.

The ‘How To’ Guide #3: Employee Engagement and Motivation

How to Guide: Employee Engagement cover

Description: A 2-page fact sheet to help employers in the food services industry engage and motivate staff.


The “How To” Guide #4: Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

How to Guide: Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Description: A 2-page fact sheet to help the food services industry enhance customer satisfaction.


Tapping Into Global Talent

Tapping into Global Talent

Description: A report encouraging employers to tap into the extensive talent of newcomers and immigrants.


ASK-Your Guide to Abilities, Skills and Knowledge Assessment Tools

ASK: Your Guide to Abilities, Skills and Knowledge Assessment Tools

Description: List of organizations that provide academic and skills testing, assessment, literacy services and employment preparation.

Building an Inclusive Workplace

Building an Inclusive Workplace

Description: Tips and advice on making companies/organizations more welcoming and inclusive, especially to aboriginals.


Making Cent$ of Literacy

Making Cents of Literacy

Description: There are bottom line benefits to employers to improving literacy skills of their employees.


Forging Apprenticeship

Forging Apprenticeship

Description: This report suggests ways to make apprenticeships more attractive to companies.

Employer Guide to Mentoring

An Employer Guide to Mentoring

Description: A step-by-step guide for organizations to implement a formal mentoring program.