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New Survey for Employees & Unemployed

A new community survey is giving residents a chance talk about their workplace experiences.

The Job Seeker & Employee Survey is designed to gather critical information from employees and job seekers about their expectations, needs and challenges.

The survey is open to everyone: people who are currently working, those who are unemployed, those who consider themselves underemployed, those who are looking for their first job.

The survey is open to anyone who lives/works in Brantford, Six Nations, New Credit and the counties of Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.

It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

Questions cover ways people look for work, what factors make it difficult to find work, reasons for leaving or quitting a job, reasons for staying in a job, what contributes to job satisfaction and more.

The survey is open until Oct. 31, 2019.

A report on the survey’s findings will be released to the community afterwards.

Wondering what career or job is right for you?

The Workforce Planning Board publishes guides to help Grand Erie residents decide what occupations and careers are best for them.

The guides provide useful information about the local job market, including details about what Grand Erie employers are looking for and what industries are growing and hiring.

The guides below are helpful to job seekers, people looking to change careers and students planning their future.

There are also videos that highlight career opportunities in Ontario.

Tourism in Grand Erie: Info for JobSeekers

This infographic highlights some of the key points from our Tourism Sector in the Grand Erie Region report and begins with what tourism is. Job growth and wage rates are available as well as information around how employers recruit, who is hiring and for which positions. To assist jobseekers with their resumes, there is information about the skills and knowledge that employers want. A link to the full detailed report is also at the bottom of the page.

Tourism Sector in Grand Erie

This report looks at the tourism industry through employer interviews combined with data analysis to get an idea of what industry employers are looking for in employees, what jobs are in demand and what sectors within the industry are growing. The report also looks at the skills and training that employers are looking for, how they are developing their leaders and some of the challenges they are facing with recruitment and retention.

The Future of Skilled Trades in Grand Erie – December 2016

Skilled trades have been an important part of Grand Erie`s strong manufacturing, construction and agriculture economy for many years. Since 2001, our region has had a higher proportion of people with trade certification than Ontario, providing a competitive edge for business attraction and retention. While we continue to have a larger number of trades people, the share of young people aged 25–44 is lower than those 45 and older. This may contribute to growing skill shortages and gaps as journeypeople retire.


2016 Skilled Trades Cover Image
Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow

Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow is the central theme for the Workforce Planning Board’s 2014 Local Labour Market Plan.

The plan provides a honest look at what is happening to the area’s economy, industry trends, and labour market challenges.

Forging Skills for Today and Tomorrow notes that employers have a need for high-skilled occupations and asks the question: “Are we meeting the labour demand needs of industry by building the skills of our workforce?”

The answer is: “There is a great deal of work to be done.”

The labour market plan outlines a series of recommended actions that can be taken to ensure our workforce meets the demands of employers. This is essential for Grand Erie’s residents, employers and our communities.

2014 Labour Market Plan cover
Careers in Manufacturing

Working in manufacturing has changed dramatically over the years.

The image that many people have of manufacturing — people standing in rows, doing physical, repetitive work independent of the person working next to them — is out of date.

Advanced manufacturing — the model of today — relies on employees working at highly specialized, well-organized work stations, using computers and technology to guide the production process. Working collaboratively and as a team is the norm.

There are many rewarding occupations and careers in today’s advanced manufacturing world.

To be successful, a worker must understand the skills needs of companies and come to work with the right attitude. To better understand today’s advanced manufacturing sector, and what employers look for when hiring, we’ve prepared an information guide called Careers In Manufacturing.

The guide talks about how important manufacturing is to the local economy, providing thousands of jobs. It also updates the picture of what manufacturing is like today.

Click on the guide.

Careers in Manufacturing
Outlook 2021 Occupational Profiles

Wonder what jobs are going to be in demand over the next decade?

Our Outlook 2021 projects provides a snapshot of these occupations — 33 in total.

These occupations, which cover a wide spectrum of fields, are expected to have strong growth prospects up to the year 2021.

The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie developed the list using in-depth research, consultations with employers and our knowledge of the local labour market.

There’s an occupational profile for each of the 33 jobs.

Each profile lists the education the occupation requires, as well as common job duties, job titles and typical employers.

These profiles are useful, easy-to-read tools for jobseekers and anyone planning for a career.

Click on each job title below to learn or download more information on each in-demand occupation.

Outlook 2021 cover
Cards designed to help apprentices succeed

Service Sector

Service Apprentice Card

Motive Power Sector

Motive Power Apprentice card

Construction Sector

Construction Apprentice card

Industrial Sector

Industrial Apprentice card
Helping Apprentices Succeed

A new card-size tool is designed to help new and existing apprentices succeed in the in-class portion of their programs.

We know that some apprentices struggle with the high-level math and communications skills they need to succeed in their in-class studies or to pass their Certification of Qualification exams.

So even though an apprentice might excel in their on-the-job and hands-on learning their in-class struggles are a barrier to get their certification.

In some cases, apprentices have to retake their exams, which can be a costly to apprentices in a number of ways.

The good news is that there is help available in the community to help apprentices build their math and communications skills to be successful.

These cards — one each for the service, motive power, construction and industrial sectors — encourage apprentices to ask themselves if they’re ready for their in-class studies. The cards also contain four questions each, designed to give apprentices an idea of what they will face.

Each card contains a phone number and an email address they can turn to if they are struggling with in-class work.

Help is available during the day, at night, and online.

These cards are a joint project between the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board, Literacy Link South Central and

Careers in Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism industry offers great opportunities for jobs and careers in Grand Erie.

A new report called Hospitality & Tourism: Careers to Discover describes this important sector of the economy.

Some 760 businesses in Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk fall under the industry, and employ more than 1,600 people.

During 2013, it is estimated that visitors to Grand Erie will spend $148 million. Meanwhile, tourism spending in Canada has also been growing each year, boding well for the industry’s future.

Hospitality & Tourism: Careers to Discover describes dozens of careers, from chef/cook to jobs in food and beverage, travel services, accommodation, arts, culture, recreation and sports.

The information includes the education pathways to enter specific careers, job duties and responsibilities, skills needed, and the current wage range. Websites are also suggested for people seeking additional information or resources.

The report is a joint venture between the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board, and the Sarnia Lambton Workforce Development Board.

Click on the report to read, print or download.

Hospitality Tourism cover
Careers in Food Manufacturing

A new guide highlights job and career opportunities in Grand Erie’s thriving Food Manufacturing industry.

Food Manufacturing is a $1 Billion industry in the region, with a particularly large cluster of food firms in Brantford.

More than 40 firms employ more than 3,000 people, and many firms report they plan to expand in the next 3 years.

Yet, food firms don’t have a high profile, and have faced challenges making people aware that there are both good jobs and rewarding careers in their industry.

The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie’s new guide Careers in Food Manufacturing describes many common jobs, their current wage range, education requirements, and what local employers are looking for.

The guide also points out that food companies promote from within, providing further opportunities. They also have many high-paying salaried positions.

Click on the guide to download or print your copy.

Careers in Food Manufacturing cover
 Employment Guide for Newcomers

This guide provides newcomers to Canada advice on a wide range of topics to help them be successful in a job search in Grand Erie.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the job market
  • Job search techniques
  • The importance of volunteering
  • Starting your own business
  • Upgrading skills through education and training
  • Credential assessment
  • The job application process
  • And more

The guide was published by the Grand Erie Immigration Partnership in collaboration with a large number of area organizations, with funding by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Employment Guide

Career Exploration Videos


A series of 4 videos designed for jobseekers, students, educators and others about potential occupations in sectors offering business and career growth.

Tourism and Hospitality

Description: A video exploring careers in the growing sector of tourism and hospitality, featuring an interview with Norfolk County’s manager of Economic Development and Tourism


Description: A video exploring the many skilled occupations available in the manufacturing industry, Canada’s largest business sector. 400,000 skilled workers are required in the next 15 years.

Health and Wellness

Description: A video exploring careers in the Health and Wellness sector, which includes a wide variety of jobs. Opportunities in this sector are growing as Canada’s population ages and health-care workers retire.

Green and Clean

Description: A video exploring ‘Green and Clean’ career opportunities which are available across all sectors of the Canadian economy. This video includes footage of the Aylmer, Ont. ethanol plant.

Career guides and other resources
Click on any of the report covers below to download or print.

Educational Pathways
for Green Careers

Green Occupations

Description: A guide to career titles and educational pathways in Green Careers.

Educational Pathways
for Specialty Trade Careers

Specialty Trades Occupations

Description: A guide to career titles and educational pathways in Speciality Trade Careers.

Educational Pathways
for Health Care Careers

Health Care Occupations

Description: A guide to career titles and educational pathways in Health Care Careers.

Educational Pathways
for Agriculture Careers

Agricareers Guide

Description: A guide to career titles and educational pathways in Agricultural Careers.

From Learn to Earn:
A Guide for New Job Seekers

From Learn to Earn cover

Description: A workbook for new job seekers. Anyone entering the workforce for the first time can benefit from the exercises.

On the Move:
Careers in the Trucking

Truck transportation guide

Description: Profiles of the Top 3 occupations in Grand Erie’s trucking industry.

On the Menu:
Careers in the Food
Services Industry

On the Menu

Description: Profiles of 9 occupations in Grand Erie’s food services industry.

Pathways to Professions: Careers in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Sector

Professional guide

Description: Profiles of 10 professional and related occupations in Grand Erie.

Shift Work: A Skills Assessment Workbook for Manufacturing Workers in Transition

Shift Work report

Description: A job search tool to help manufacturing workers transition to stable or promising occupations.

Real Faces: Edition 2

Real Faces Edition Two

Description: The second volume of Real Faces profiles more people in real jobs.


Packaging: A Career Destination

Packaging: A Career Destination

Description: Profiles of occupations in Grand Erie’s packaging industry.

Grand Erie Skills Assessment
– A Profile of Current and
Emerging TOP Industry
Sectors and Occupations

Grand Erie Skills Assessment

Description: A look at emerging industries and occupations in Grand Erie.

Caring In Our Community –
Health Care Occupations Guide

Health Care Occupations Guide

Description: Profiles of dozens of occupations in the health-care field in Grand Erie.


Real Faces: Edition 1

Real Faces: Edition 1

Description: Profiles of real people working in real jobs to help youth make career choices.