Sector Planning Partnership Grants – Strategic Plans

The last four months have whizzed by as we worked on two special Sector Planning Partnership Grant (SPPG) projects.

Funding from MAESD provided resources to bring Manufacturing (Welding) and Transportation and Warehousing businesses, educators, Employment Ontario, and school board staff together to investigate the shortage of workers and solutions. Our strategies focus on attraction, recruitment, education & training, and retention strategies.

A huge thank you to the businesses who contributed hours of time to both of these projects.

Both Strategic Plans can be found below:

The Manufacturing (Welding) Sector Planning Partnership looks into why local businesses have reported an ongoing shortage of skilled professional welders and sets out to strategically recommend long term solutions. This strategic plan is intended to address community concerns and build a sustainable pool of skilled welding professionals who can meet the needs of employers in our growing economy.

This strategy is a focused approach to building a skilled workforce by addressing the needs of our local warehousing and transportation businesses. This plan identifies that these sectors are experiencing a shortage of workers and these industries are struggling to attract and retain qualified workers. It recommends systemic changes, which aim to benefit workers (at all skill levels), local businesses, the industry and the community.